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❊ Site Redesign

❊ Theme Updates

❊ Transfer or Site Migration

❊ WordPress Content Population

❊ WordPress Theme Customization

❊ WordPress Theme Installation

❊ WordPress Plugin Installation

❊ WPML Translator Plugin Setup

❊ How To’s Guidance and Quick Tutorials

❊ Newsletter Configuration

❊ Minor Bug Fixes

❊ Plugins Setup and Configuration

❊ Performance Setup & Analysis

❊ SEO Setup & Analysis

❊ Security Setup

❊ Post / Page Updates

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Simplicity is the final achievement.

— Frederic Chopin

S Y M P L E W P aims to deliver affordable WordPress projects for business owners, freelancers and consultants that have a lot of work to do and know how precious time is!

Simplicity doesn’t mean simplism and simple doesn’t mean cheaper, but smarter. The goal is to obtain the most cost effective result with the simplest solution, cutting unneeded costs.

Behind the cortains

I’m Sah aka sympleweb. I’ve 10+ years of WordPress expertise, working with hundreds of projects. I’m a Brazilian Web Designer with a Technologist degree and courses like Web Writing, Digital Content Strategies, Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design (Certified by HubSpot Academy).